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V-T2. Works as you win!

Brian McCarter
from Nemesis Baits

Brian McCarter

Here are the 2 biggest a 5lb 9oz and a 4lb 5oz! We caught about 40 fish that day with most being over 3lbs. We kept the biggest in the livewells all day, so we could see what our best five would weigh. We ended up with just over 22lbs. Not bad for a day of fun fishing!

The V-T2 kept the livewells cool and the fish fresh despite the 90 + degrees temperature. The biggest fish was caught at 7:20am and release at 4:15pm. I was surprised to see it didn’t lose it’s color; which is very common for Great Lakes smallmouth that spend extended periods of time in livewell. The fish swam away immediately when released.

I will never own a boat without your V-T2 on my livewell lids. THAT IS A GUARANTEE!

Rick Bracken
from Show Me Catfishing Trophy Guide Service


We fish tournaments for large Blue Catfish. The limit to bring in for these tournaments is 5 catfish. You can only have a livewell in your boat big enough that you can fish around and run without it slowing you down too much. So, you have to have accessories installed to help keep the water cooled and oxygen flowing in and the harmful gases flowing out. When you have 5 large catfish in a 100 gallon livewell they suck up the oxygen pretty quick and thus expel lots of gases, especially in hot weather. I added the V-T2 to my livewell last year and have seen marked improvements in the liveliness of my fish at weigh in. Whether I am boating back to the weigh in or trailering back, my V-T2 keep air flowing in and the gases flowing out.

Every tournament catfisherman needs the V-T2 on their livewell!

Bryan Crawford
from Russellville, Kentucky


I have used the V-T2 for 2 years and have not lost a fish to heat or lack of oxygen!!!

This is the best product to come along since the invention of the aerated livewell. The V-T2 is so simple to use and install that you don't have to be a rocket scientist. The V-T2 lowers the temperature of the water and increases the amount of dissolved oxygen. Ha! Forget all that stuff! The best thing is that keeps your fish ALIVE long after the weigh in is over. Ever wonder why there is so many dead fish the day after a tournament? We all know putting ice in the livewell keeps them alive to get to the weigh in, but what about when you release them back into 90+ degree water. SHOCK!!

Stop killing the future of your fishing and give them a chance to breath fresh, cool and oxygenated water.

David Jones
from Green River Lake Crappie Trips


My name is David Jones and I own and operate Green River Lake Crappie Trips here on Green River Lake in south central Kentucky. Being a crappie guide and spending over 100 days a year on the water I am always looking for things that will improve my trips. After installing the V-T2, I am glad to say that these things really work! At the end of the guide trip now, my fish are in much better shape than before.

I would like to thank New Pro Products for making such a great product!

Nels Larson
from Larsons Sales

This spring (2008) I mounted the V-T2 in the livewell of my Skeeter boat. I decided to do this because I always had an on going problem with getting a LOT of foam and stinky water along with dead, belly up fish even though my livewell was set at recirculation or constant aeration while on the water. At first, I was very hesitant about drilling holes in my livewell cover, but something had to be done. Drilling a 3 inch hole in your livewell lid is no big deal at all. Very easy and didn't even have a carpet issue. The fasteners are sent along with the V-T2 for mounting. Got them installed and was very happy how the job turned out. They look very nice! I was finally able to test the V-T2 out the last couple of weeks. Problem solved, fish were alive and in great shape. No foam and the wells did not stink from what must have been trapped gases and warmer water. Above all, NO DEAD BELLY UP FISH! Surely, would recommend this product to anyone that cares about their fish staying alive. Just a note, I am in no way a sponsor for this company. I found the name and product on Bass Boat Central this winter and had them shipped to me.

Chris Cowart
from Jonesville, Louisiana


I have had the V-T2 installed in my boat for about a month, but the real test came this last weekend with the air temperatures soaring from 98 to 105 F degrees, and the water temperatures around 92 to 95 F. I filled my livewell up before blast off which was about 5:45am, did not use any ice in the livewell all day. The recirculation pumps were running on the interval of 1 minute on and 5 minutes off. At 3:00pm we weighed in, several anglers had one or two dead fish or their whole limit was dead, but my fish were alive and kicking, very active, not to mention the water in the livewell was much cooler than the lake water and cooler than the air itself.

I am very satisfied with the V-T2 and I recommend to any angler wanting to preserve his catch for future fisherman.

Justin Hires
from Secret Weapon Lures - Pro Staff


I first want to thank you for your awesome product! I would also like to let others know what they are missing if they don't have the V-T2 installed in their rig!

I have been using these since April 2009, and I have seen a huge improvement in the health of my fish! On my recent trip to Barkley Lake I caught some nice fish on a Friday morning by myself between 3 and 4 am. I waited until first light that morning to take some pictures and then planned to release them. I set up the camera on the seat and waited for the self timer to take the picture, when a wave caused my camera to fall and hit the deck. And, wouldn't you know it: the fall broke the camera lens. So, I put the fish back into the livewell and thought, "Now what do I do?"

Well, it was Friday morning and a friend was to meet me that evening and I knew he would bring his camera. So, after looking at the fish and seeing that were very healthy, I decided to keep them until he arrived. I left the livewells running trailering my boat to the motel. I added a little Rejuvenade and checked on them every two or hours.

Friday night around 7 pm I relaunched my boat in the water and waited for my friend to arrive. I found out later he could not make it due to illness. I made a visual check of the fish and found they were still very active and healthy. I then decided to keep them until Saturday night. My other friend Joe was to come down Saturday night and I could ask him to take the pictures. I repeated the same process during the night as I did on Friday and again during the day on Sat. Every time I checked on the fish, they just about jump out of the livewell!

When Joe arrived on Saturday night, I told him I need some pictures taken. He took a picture of the first two largemouths (two 4lb'ers). He asked me "Did you just catch these?" I laughed and said, "You won't believe it, but I caught these fish Friday morning!" The fish were very lively and seemed as though they had just been caught. When I released them they swam away with haste. We went ahead and took a picture of the last two. A 3.5lb smallmouth and a 3.5lb largemouth. I released them and they acted just as healthy as they swam away.

Chris McCall
from North Carolina


My partner and I had an annual team tournament at Kentucky Lake last year and prior in June. Each day we kept my livewell cooled down with ice and water circulated all day long and no matter how hard we tried we still had a lot of good fish expire on us by noon. Talk about a real disappointment. At the weigh in we noticed were not alone. After I returned home from the trip I was doing some more research on how to improve livewell management. The V-T2 popped up on Google. I placed an order to give it a stab. After I installed the V-T2 on my boat, I field tested it from mid June to October on my home lake in North Carolina. The lake is a warm water discharge with the water peaking in the high 90's F. On several occasions I would put a five bass limit in the livewell to see if they would survive throughout the day from morning till evening. At the end of the day, when I released them they swam off like nothing happened. The water in the livewell had noticeably dropped ( I used no ice) in temperature and no bad gases when you open the lid.

I recommend every boat to have the V-T2 installed!

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (retired)
from Vidalia, LA


I am a retiree with 30 years of bass fishing competition which includes 4 clubs since retiring as a college biology professor to Vidalia, LA in 2004. I also run an area fishing forum, named LouMissBass with 70 members. Last summer I discovered the V-T2 livewell system and was offered a set to field test for my 2006 Skeeter ZX. Being from a science background I was a serious skeptic, but after keeping bass caught in 90 to 95 degree waters last summer I can say that ANY boat can benefit from the advantage of having the V-T2 installed on their livewell.

They are as good as advertised, if not better!

Daryl Kubly, Jr.
from Wisconsin

I'm a Fan! Just installed the V-T2 on my boat after having some fish die on me and cost me a check. With all the money I have spent over the years on livewell improvements, this one really works! Had the boat out all day and the wells stayed 3 to 4 degrees below lake temperature, and 5 to 10 degrees below air temperature, with no foam or bad smell, and my fish were in great shape even after 8 hours in the livewell. Cheap fix ( about $45) to an expensive problem. It only took about a half hour to install and you don't need any battery power to run. I should have gotten the V-T2 a long time ago.

If you are serious about the fish health in your livewell this is a must have!

Mark Jarret
from San Diego, California


Dead fish in the livewell is a tournament hazard that haunts anglers. Running your livewell pump continuously, using Rejuvenade chemicals or adding an oxgenator will help, but they won't solve the problem of removing harmful gas build up, especially in high heat environments. I came across this product while researching options to improve my livewells. I installed the V-T2 myself within a couple of hours, using standard tools. This past weekend river tournament, my livewells stayed cool with zero foam build up or fish stress. It is hard to believe that something so simple can make such a difference. But the V-T2 works!

Kyle Schuchard
from KS Fishing Services


Any boat with a livewell NEEDS a to get the V-T2 by New Pro Products! I was not optimistic at first about the V-T2 working and drilling the holes in my lids. But as an avid tournament angler/guide, I was willing to try anything after loosing a few crucial fish during a tournament the previous summer. Once the V-T2 was installed I received lower livewell temperatures than before, and I did not lose a single fish all season. The V-T2 was easily installed in about half and hour max, in a Lund Pro-V 1900. The V-T2 are very durable and you don't need to have any worry about walking or stepping on the lids after the V-T2 is installed. They are flush to the top of the lid, and come with all the fasteners needed.

I recommend New Pro's V-T2 to everyone looking for that fish care advantage!

Mike Scott
from Greensboro, North Carolina

My experience with the V-T2 was the weekend of June 28th and 29th in 2008. I fished four days in 98 degree air temperature and84 to 87 degree water temperature. Considerably high even for this time of the year at the lake we were fishing on. My tournament was 5:30am to 3:00pm on both days. I noticed all the other anglers were fighting and scuffling around over ice each morning for their livewells. I didn't have so much of a concern! I had my limit by 8:30am both tournament days. My partner could not believe how unconcerned I was about my fish. He checked my livewells about 100 times throughout the day. It was pretty funny. Anyway, the sun was very brutal. My livewell water was at least 10 degrees cooler than the lake water, by touch anyway. As each day grew to and end my fish were perfect. Very calm, no stress, and COOL!! This was my first big test with the V-T2 and anyone who does not have them in their boat has no idea what they are missing. As a tournament fisherman, it really helps me out on the water not to have that stress of livewell management. I literally forgot about my fish in the livewell for a large part of the day, except obviously for the fact of trying t upgrade and that was wonderful. I could just concentrate on fishing! Another aspect of the V-T2 is durability. My non-boater was a good 260 t0 275 lbs and walked all over those things with no effect at all. Extremely durable! I could not be happier with product than I am with the V-T2.

Rick Helmick
from Indiana

Put them in my Stratos this spring, 3 inch hole saw to install them, and I had them in in less than 15 minutes. I have noticed a difference in the temperature of the water in the livewell since installing. As far as being hesitant to drill the hole, don't let fear hold you back. They look great and work just like they are supposed to. As far as stepping on, they are flexible and will not break and you really don't even know they are there. I do like one other thing about the V-T2, and it the fact that when my livewell is in timer mode I can now hear my pumps kick on. This assures me that they are working properly.

I love your product and would suggest it to anyone that asks!

Brian Craft
from South Bend, Indiana

I started looking for a better way to keep fish alive in my livewells when I had a 5 lb bass die in a tournament at the end of last summer. While searching the Internet, I came across the V-T2 and read everything about them, so I ordered a set and installed them back in January. The install was very easy. All I can say is that the V-T2 work GREAT! My fish are now harder to get out of the livewells, because they have more energy. No more dead fish. I highly recommend the V-T2 to all tournament anglers.

Larry Michalec
from South Carolina

I recently installed the V-T2 in my Champion and had some feedback r.e. nylon lock nuts versus the plain threads. The Team at New Pro Products responded to the suggestion and have since changed the package. Better living thru science and chemistry. For all the years I fished I thought that the tighter the livewell to hold the cool the better. Reality is that the natural air is a cooling and oxygen source, so why not channel it? I have been impressed!

Jeff Shepherd
from Alabama

I finally got enough trips in with the V-T2 installed to give some feedback. Just for background, in the past I would always notice some fish looked "sluggish" and "drained" from apparent oxygen deprivation. I also saw several times where there would be foam and an odor in the livewell when I opened them with fish in them. After installing the V-T2, I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of the fish even after a full day of 10 hour tournament fishing. The foaming is gone as is the odor I noticed previously. The one thing that sticks out the most to me is the difference I have seen in the internal temperature of the livewell. Before installing the V-T2, the hot air is completely absent upon opening the livewell lids. In summary, I have been very pleased with the product and would recommend them to others. The V-T2 has definitely helped to reduce the mortality rate of my fish. Thanks New Pro for a great product!