In a sport as competitive as tournament fishing, a tenth-of-an-ounce can mean the difference between cashing a check and going home empty handed. That is why we developed the patented V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System; a unique, low-cost livewell modification that will simplify your fish care management by addressing all stressors that harm fish in the livewell and eliminate costly dead-fish penalties.

The New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System allows continuous oxygen to flow inside of your livewell and provides a release for heat and other metabolic gasses, which can be harmful to fish. Incredibly easy to install, the New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System mounts flush to your livewell lid and only requires a drill, hole saw bit, drill bit, screwdriver and a few short minutes.

In addition, the New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Ventillation System needs no electricity, so it won’t tax your already-overloaded batteries. Universally adaptable to any livewell, the New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure that your fish make it the scales in optimum condition.


  • US & Canada Patents
  • Affordable one-time purchase for your all fish care needs
  • Easy to install
  • Retrofit to any style boat
  • Made of Super-Tough nylon with a UV inhibitor
  • Not a tripping hazard
  • Designed to be stepped on repeatedly
  • Will not allow your livewell water to splash out
  • Eliminates the need for adding ice to your livewell
  • Removes foam build-up and foul odor
  • Dries your livewell out while trailering home
  • Helps with not transporting aquatic hitch-hikers
  • Freshwater or saltwater use
  • No maintenance or battery power required
  • Environmentally safe
  • MSRP $44.99
  • We do not recommend using the V-T2 as a holder for your culling tags. This attachment to the V-T2 will misdirect and inhibit air flow and hurt the performance of the V-T2 in keeping your livewell a healthy environment for your fish.

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    V-T2 in Black - NPPVT2-01B

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    V-T2 in White - NPPVT2-02W

*Recommended to neutralize low-ox shock.


In tournament conditions the heat is on. And not just at the weigh-in. Is your livewell well-equipped?
The V-T2 is double trusted to eliminate the triple threat; heat, low oxygen, and harmful gases.

The V-T2 allows for the heat that builds up in the livewell to rise and escape. Also, the V-T2 works by any movement of air from a breeze, your trolling motor or running your boat to direct ambient and oxygen-rich air into the livewell that cools the livewell water by the processes of convection and evaporative cooling. Now, you may be thinking the ambient air is hot, let’s say 95F and that will cause the livewell to get even hotter. Here is an example to best illustrate how this works. When fishing on a day with 95F, when you stop fishing, crank up the big engine, and make a move, do you get hotter or does this moving 95F ambient air cool you? Of course, it is cooler. Now, wet your face and then notice how much cooler you become. This is the same way the V-T2 is cooling the livewell water. Also, this creates a water inversion that mixes cooler water and dissolved oxygen throughout the water column. As the water molecules on the top of your livewell are cooled, they fall to the bottom of the livewell carrying oxygen with them. The warmer molecules then rise to the top, carrying metabolic gases to the top, where they can be air stripped out of your livewell.

The V-T2 increases dissolved oxygen in your livewell by the same method lakes naturally attain oxygen by the processes of atmospheric diffusion (fresh air) and augmented surface diffusion (stirring of water surfaces by wind). <Minus photoosynthesis> The V-T2 provides a continuous flow of fresh air into the livewell creating a constant source of oxygen. Why is atmospheric air an excellent resource of oxygen? We know that anglers often hear that atmospheric air only contains 20.9 percent of oxygen. This is true, but don’t let the low percentage number confuse you. Fishery biologists confirm that most fish need a minimum of 5 ppm of dissolved oxygen to meet their needs. The 20.9 percent of oxygen in atmospheric air equals 210,000 ppm and that is an incredibly abundant resource to meet the needs of fish. Several factors such as temperature and salinity levels determine the water’s holding capacity of dissolved oxygen, but if water is exposed to a continuous flow of atmospheric air then 100% saturation of dissolved oxygen is easily attained. Even if the water temperatures in our lakes or livewell ever reached 113F, which they don’t, 100% saturation even at this temperature would mean that fish would have 6.6 ppm of dissolved oxygen. Atmospheric air and the 20.9% of oxygen it contains supports all life on this planet. It is not an inefficient resource. Just think about all the man-made reservoirs in this country. Not one of them did the Corp. of Engineers have to build oxygen generating plants to provide oxygen for aquatic life to survive. Still use your aerators as normal, they certainly help with dissolved oxygen and they stir livewell waters that help with greater diffusion and gas exchange. The V-T2 helps your system become so much more efficient.

Metabolic gases build up while holding fish in the livewell. These harmful metabolic gases can be detrimental to your catch. The V-T2 removes these gases so fish can relax in a more natural livewell environment.


V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System

Please understand that the V-T2 is not designed to replace your livewell lid lifts. The V-T2 needs to be installed as close to the center of your livewell as possible and positioned directly over the livewell water. The reason we did not develop the V-T2 to replace your lid lifts is that most lid lifts are positioned either to the very front or the side of the livewell lid and therefore over the top of the frame or the structure of the boat and not positioned directly over the livewell water. For maximum performance of cooling, aeration and degassing the V-T2 needs to be positioned directly over the livewell water.


To install the V-T2's, you will need a hand drill, a drill bit set, a Phillip's screw driver, a 5/16 inch wrench, a 3 inch Bi-Metal hole saw and a garbage bag to be placed in your livewell to catch the shavings from the cuts. It is recommended to cut the holes in your livewell lid(s) as close to the middle or center of the livewell lid and directly over the water to provide optimum ventilation.

The V-T2's can be placed a little forward, to the back, or to the sides of your livewell lid to meet your boat's individual requirements, but attempt to place the V-T2's over the center of the water as possible. For a livewell with two individual lids place one V-T2 in each lid. For a livewell with just one large lid, install both V-T2's in the lid and evenly space them out.

Be careful to allow for needed clearance, so that the sleeve of the V-T2 will clear the livewell frame or any lid lift or locking mechanism. It is recommended to make the first few cuts or revolutions with the hole saw in reverse to cut the carpet, then place the drill in the forward position to cut throughout the lids. This will keep the carpet from threading out and make a clean cut. Place the V-T2's in the holes with the louvers facing bow to stern ( front to back). You are now ready to drill the holes for the marine fasteners. Place the V-T2's in the cut holes and use the V-T2 as your pattern for drilling the holes with a 9/64 inch drill bit. Be careful not to cut into the V-T2. Attach the V-T2 with the provided marine fasteners with the Phillip's screw driver and the 5/16 inch wrench.
Be careful not to tighten down too tight that you pull the fasteners through, or tighten the V-T2 down so much you put a bow in it. The nylon nuts are self-locking and will hold and it only needs to be snug. The V-T2 should lie perfectly flat on your deck. Please watch the following videos to watch an actual installations.